Which child does not dream of a slide at home?

Create a home playground for your child and prevent boredom during bad weather!

Stable structure and simple Scandinavian design are just some of the many advantages of our wooden slide for a kids' room. Sliding, an activity loved by all kids, develops their motor skills and is a great balance exercise. Comfortable three steps allow kids to easily climb to the top of the slide, while rounded, smooth edges ensure that kids do not get hurt while playing. Comfortable handles make climbing the slide easy and pleasurable.

Kids' slide offers unlimited possibilities for a joyful play that supports coordination and motor skills of toddlers. We recommend it both as a stand-alone product and in combination with our other accessories, such as a ball pit or a play mat.

Ball pit with a slide is a great alternative to going to the playroom or an outdoor playground. A set of these two products is the perfect addition to a kids' room.

On warm non-rainy days, a kids' slide can be also used in the garden.  If the product comes into contact with water, wipe it dry. Dirt can be removed from the slide with a damp cloth.

Lisa ostukorvi


  • material: sides: thickness: 1.6 cm, birch plywood covered with melamine
  • sides: thickness: 1.6 cm
  • color: gray, edges in the color of natural wood
  • maximum load: 30 kg.

Kids' wooden slide is made of certified materials that are safe for children.


  • Overall height: 80cm
  • Height of the steps: 59cm
  • Width: 46cm
  • Length of the sliding part: 87cm
  • Weight: 15kg

Recommended for:

  • The product is intended for children over 12 months who can stand on their own.
  • Please supervise the child's play on the slide.
  • Product for self-assembly.

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