A cloud shaped playing mat for the child will be perfect for kids which start to prepare for learning to walk thus for the smallest babies, who can independently maintain the sitting body position, without the necessity to twist from side to side, crawling or lying on stomach but only – older kids will find it applicable.

What is the playing mat useful for ?

There are more applications for the child mat, which is its main advantage. The mat we present in our shop will be perfect as a carpet, it may be placed under the teepee tent or the canopy as well as it may constitute an integral part of the MeowBaby ball pit. Soft mat placed under the ball pit will not only look great but also will cushion the fall of the toddler and will isolate him from the cold floor. Placed in the garden, on the terrace or on the beach will create a comfortable place for playing and rest.  

Thanks to the folding function, depending on its shape, we can arrange the mat in the corner of the room or lean it on the wall, as a result we can get a seat with a backrest, a couch or a comfortable armchair.

MeowBaby® playing mats, which are available in the assortment of our store, are characterized by a unique design and a variety of colors and shapes, which allows them to match even the most sophisticated children's room decor. Each mat has a visible logo of our brand, which is a kind of confirmation of the high quality of the products we sell. Careful workmanship and eye-catching appearance are, apart from safety and functional values, the most important aspect for us taken into account when designing.

Lisa ostukorvi


  • Dimensions of the mat: 160 x 160 / after folding 80 x 80 x 20 cm
  • The cover of the mat is performed in 77% of cotton and in 23% of polyester and it has Safe for the Child certificate
  • Filling of the mat was performed from polyurethane foam, possessing OEKO-TEX  ® Standard 100 certificate, due to which the product is safe even for the smallest kids
  • The thickness of folded mats is 5 cm, due to which all our products from the group are a perfect isolation from the floor
  • It is easy to maintain clean,
  • Soft and cosy,
  • Safe