Birch playwood, treated with UV film and edges treated with wax oil.
Length of one part: 52 cm
Width of one part: 70 cm
Step distance: 5 cm
The total length depends on the position of the climbing triangle.
Dimensions of the slide
External dimensions: 124x42 cm, 5x6 cm
Dimensions of the sliding part: 39 cm x 118 cm
Slide color - dark brown, light gray or natural lacquered wood.
Slide color cannot be selected.

Our products are manufactured in accordance with European Union standards, based on toy safety rules that are internationally recognized (Directive 2009/48 /EÜ)

Climbing triangle with slide

  • A climbing triangle based on Pikler's pedagogy, which helps develop dexterity and balance.
  • The product can be changed to several different positions, creating a new exciting play area for the child each time.
  • The set includes a slide, which makes playing even more fun. It can be placed at different heights.
  • Carrying weight up to 60 kg.
  • Recommended age: 8 months and up
Slide color cannot be selected.
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