The children's bicycle helmet "Scoot and Ride" with its innovative and ergonomic design, ensures the safety of even the smallest head:
- the magnetic attachment allows small children to easily open and close the clip and avoids any risk of hurting themselves;
- soft chin strap cover made of fleece;
- the straps are adjustable according to the shape of the child's head and face;
- EPS insulation lining is used on the inside of the helmet to reduce the feeling of vibration and makes it more comfortable to wear;
- for better heat management, the helmet has 11 tiny mesh-lined air holes that help prevent sweating;
- the LED lamp on the back of the helmet has three light modes in red: continuous and two different flashing modes.

NB! To order the right-sized helmet, we recommend that you measure the child's head in advance, according to the diagram found in the gallery!
Lisa ostukorvi
Product information
Materials: plastic, foam plastic, textiles
Suitable for children from the age of 3

Size S–M corresponds to a head circumference of 51–55 cm

Ultra lightweight - only 290 g

NB! To ensure safety, always wear a helmet when riding a bike!

The bicycle helmet "Scoot and Ride" complies with international safety and quality standards CE and EN 1078.

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