Highwaykick's innovative "Scoot and Ride Lifestyle" second model has arrived at Säutsu's online store! The scooter is perfect for a slightly bigger bike lover aged 2 to 5 years! Olive green geometric shapes with white outlines look fresh and exciting on a black frame. However, the most awesome update on this model is a storage place, where you can hide your most valuable treasures and take them with you everywhere!

What makes the scooter special:
- spacious soft-closing storage room in the front part of of the bike;
- lightweight – 3.1 kg;
- V-shaped standing table designed for even more dynamic maneuvering;
- anti-slip cover on the standing table for more safety;
- removable handlebar for more convenient and compact transport of the bike;
- an airbag with a patented mechanism to ensure additional safety;
- smooth braking by applying gentle pressure on the rear fender;
- choose a suitable helmet from HERE.
Lisa ostukorvi
Product information
Materials: plastic, rubber
Wheel material: polyurethane (PU)
Color: Rose
Total product weight: 3.1 kg
Handlebar height: 70 cm
Suitable for height 89-119 cm
Weight limit: up to 50 kg
NB! Children must not be left unattended with the “Scoot and Ride” scooter! To ensure safety, always wear a helmet when riding a bike!

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